Perfect for the kids
no bruises, all the fun!

Safer, less messy, no goggles, or ongoing costs

The Best Laser Tag in Christchurch

More fun than paintball—no pain! 120m range. No ongoing costs. 1 and a half hour games!

The only outdoor laser tag game in New Zealand using latest, computer controlled technology.Laser sport is safe realistic, structured high tech combat game for all ages and any number of players.


It can be far more exciting than paintball, more high-tech and more octane fuel. Hit your target out to one hundred metres with our sun smart system. Our laser sports guns are all lightweight and responsive.


Target range up to 120m your gun counts down to start and finish, calls your hits and when you are eliminated. The unique laser sport gun has realistic sound and the guns are easy to program for different games. Grenades also available.


The laser sport system is completely portable. the game here is all outdoors

Outdoor Laser tag prices

Base Packages:

$30 per person for 1 and a half hours​

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