Lightweight, Low impact,
Mini Paintballs

Perfect for children, ladies and grandparents looking for a good time, not a painful one

PAINTBALL for kids, Christchurch 

We have light weight, low impact mini paintballs fired from Tippmann FT50 paintball guns. Perfect for children and ladies and grandparents. Great fun for all the family, kids birthday parties and hens parties, all without the pain and welts!

Low impact Paintball prices

Base Packages:

Extras and Upgrades:

$30 All equipment and 100 Paintballs

$40 All equipment and 200 Paintballs

$50 All equipment and 300 Paintballs

$10 for extra 100 Paintballs

$5 for extra 50 Paintballs​

50 Calibre Kids Paintball Gun & Gear
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