Airsoft—The game for the serious, competitive & tough

Accurate, Fast paced and tactical

Christchurch’s only fully commercial Airsoft Field

We are the Airsoft Professionals! Our customers receive the best guns and gear and we have the most realistic war game that you will ever play. Not only that, but we use environmentally friendly BB’S made from corn. Our guns aren’t plastic or electric; so they don’t break, batteries don’t go flat, and you can play in the rain.

We supply you with a realistic Tippmann M4 HPA Carbine, realistic sound and recoil - It even works in all weather! 

Airsoft prices

Base Packages:

Extras and Upgrades:

$35 All Equipment and 300 Rounds (2x150 Round Magazines)

$45 All Equipment and 450 Rounds (3x150 Round Magazines)

$65 Ambush Pack and 750 Rounds (5x150 Rounds Magazines)

$85 Rambo Pack and 1050 Rounds (7x150 Round Magazines)​

$10 For 150 Rounds​

We have a wide range of games perfect for and happy to cater tor;​

Kids Parties

Corporate Groups

Stag & Hens Parties

School Events​

​Church Groups

Family Fun Days

Youth Groups​​

Airsoft Gun & Gear
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