Action packed, fast paced and unique!

A chance to unleash the archer living inside of yourself—Without taking somebody’s eye out

Archery Tag for Christchurch Residents

A chance to embrace your inner self!

Get ready for an exciting, action-packed game that offers the ultimate experience that engages everyone!

Combat archery tag utilizes archery with special foam tipped arrows—100% safe and painless - to play the game and it can be played both indoors and outdoors.

Combat archery tag combines both elements paintball, dodgeball and archery in a fast-paced game designed to get you moving and your adrenaline flowing! This exciting action-packed game offers the ultimate family friendly. An experience that engages everyone 10 years and over. combat archery tag is perfect for all occasions, from birthday parties to team building exercises.

Archery Tag prices

Base Packages:

$25 per person for 1 Hour


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